Stranger Dance Away

February 25, 2012
By , Green Bay, WI
His skates were liquid silver,
His eyes were grinning seas,
He waved and dipped and watched me trip,
But smirked and danced away,
My eyes were trained upon him,
I couldn’t look away,
Your form danced in a trained prance,
And yet still you mesmerized me,
I couldn’t tear my gaze away,
And truly it pissed me off,
But still he a stranger totally captivated me,
The pool below my feet lifted me so I could dance away,
But I kept coming back for you to humiliate me,
It was an unhealthy obsession watching you skate,
Absolutely mesmerizing,
And I doubt you even noticed me,
Because I was just another figure watching,
While you flew away.

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