For you

February 25, 2012
Yeah it's stupid.
It's stupid to feel this way for you.
And yet I do.
I love you with a love that stabs me inside.
You are my best friend, my worst enemy, my truest love.
Oh the times we have together!
I love to talk to you, it makes it worth it it to live another day. Oh the pain I feel as I read the lyrics to the songs of you favorite bands!
The reality hits me with a sensational blow.
Every time.
Oh the bittersweet memories!
The love we had shared so obvious on our faces.
And as the seasons pour on and blow mind never changes, my heart never heals. It's like I'm an abandoned house, a lost street with no name, a forgotten cat on a doorstep.
And you're the only one to open the old door, to turn onto the road, to love the lonely cat.
Our love isn't like anything.
It is like everything.
I am the friend who is secretly in love, but it really isn't a secret to you, if you notice my words.
I am the darkest night you've ever seen, but you still linger in, hoping the sun will return to a place it's never been to.
I am your eternal love, your never ending fortune to an undestined future.
I am all I could ever be, to a person that deserves more.

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