no love

February 25, 2012
By Anonymous

Her face in sorrow
Her tears like rain
dripping down slowly
like a movie on slow motion
her heart is beating
all you can do is feel the pain in her heart
fast motions in her heart screaming
pain in her heart breaking
her face turns red
red like blood on white snow
her red cheeks are burning like summer hurting
her cry for help is hopeless
her cry for love is not their
her heart is taken
her mind is not thinking
it hurts to remember the things shes done
she cant think straight
love bites
her face is like torture
like somebody died
her face is screaming like
her heart that's not beating
she tries to stay strong
but she needs more then that
she needs a hug
more like love

The author's comments:
my friend and her on and off relationships inspired me to write this poem

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