You really missed out

February 25, 2012
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When I was a baby
I had dark wild curls
huge brown eyes
and a large mouth that I used against anyone who crossed me.
When I was a baby
my hair looked unmanageable
and my eyes sparkled
but I must have bit the hand that fed me too hard
cause you walked away.
When I was a baby
lice found homes in my wild crazy curls
endless amounts of tears were falling from my eyes
and I had a dry mouth that was longing for a sweet treat.
When I was a toddler
my hair got chopped off to get rid of the bugs
my eyes somewhat resembled my new mothers eyes
and my mouth had an endless supply of fruit loops and pop corn.
When I was a toddler
my hair was so short I could have passed for a boy
my eyes constantly got sties
and my mouth always had a chocolate mustache.
When I was a toddler
my hair eventually grew back and looked wavy and short
my eyes witnessed my little sister being born
and my mouth liked to meow at my dad when we were in the car.
When I started school
I made sure my hair looked perfect
I couldn't believe my eyes because of all the people there
and my mouth wouldn't shut up regardless of the teachers many threats.
When I was in second grade
my hair was cutely braided for picture day
my eyes were always glaring at the boys
and my mouth was yelling directions at recess because I was the caption of the girls for boys vs. girls.
When I reached fourth grade
my hair had grown very long and thick and beautiful but I cut it all off anyways
my eyes constantly dripped tears
because my mouth couldn't come up with a good enough come back when I'd get called an orphan on the playground.
When I was in sixth grade
I got the average “emo” hair cut with bangs across my face
my eyes were always rolling at whatever an adult would say to me
and my mouth was constantly saying lies because I couldn't handle the truth.
But when I was in eighth grade
my hair had reached enviable perfection when I got a layered cut
my eyes were always watering
because my mouth was always laughing because of my best friends Mikayla and Chloe.
Now I'm ninth grade at Lincoln Park
and my eyes have mascara that my friends say look nice
but the mascara doesn't cover up all the hurt emotion
my hair is blue and shoulder length and layered and straightened every single day
but I don't like it so much all of the time because I bet yours is prettier
and I have a goofy mouth that makes all my friends laugh so hard that they cry
but my mouth doesn't spit out such goofy jokes when I think of you.
When I was a baby you left me behind
you left me behind with so many problems
you left me behind with so much sadness
and so much anger
and so much confusion.
When I was a baby you left me behind
with a whole life in front of me,
with so many tears to cry,
with many stupid things to laugh at,
with so much to achieve.
You left me behind
and I don't miss you
not anymore
but you-
you're the one whose missed out
because you've never got to see
all my different hair styles
you never got to see how much emotion my eyes always hold
you never got to see how much trouble my mouth can get me into.
You didn't go through my life with me
you didn't cry with me
you didn't laugh with me
and you didn't work with me to achieve anything.
You left me behind
and you missed out because of that.

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