Love Poem

February 28, 2012
By Krembert BRONZE, Scotch Plains, New Jersey
Krembert BRONZE, Scotch Plains, New Jersey
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Love is like a rainbow
It is very sweet and can go to infinite and beyond
Some people really don’t believe in love sometimes
Those people are the ones I really feel bad for.
Love is a connection between you and another person, no matter what gender or race.
Love is a really special feeling, especially when you can really feel it with another person.
Love can never be underestimated; it can really change the way to see live as you know it.
Love can really help you.
Pressure with love is common.
It means that you really feel the true meaning of love.
Love makes your heart beat faster like a person running a marathon, running constantly for a dream.
That’s all love is, it’s nothing but a dream that can come true.
Love is like a rainbow, it is very beautiful, and amazing

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