Big Girl

February 28, 2012
By Jessica Stephan BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
Jessica Stephan BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
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As my size two shoes dragged
across the carpet,I entered your room.

I waited for my good night kiss, and
it didn't come.

Instead you gave me insecurities,
and heartache,
ane years to think about
how beautiful skinny and perfect

You told me if I didn't lose weight
I'd start fitting into the "big girl" clothes.

All that was left of me,
was an insecure seven--year--old,
who felt to big to be loved,
even by the
who should love her most

I left from you wide white fdoor,
to my blue bedroom.
Crawling into bed,
I curled up with my soft blankie
wrapped tightly arounf my body.

At least something could protect me.
My eyes slowly became too tired
to hold themselves, awake any longer.
Finally I could sleep and forget.
forget about what you thought of me.
I could escape.

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