I Wanna Love You...

February 24, 2012
I know I shouldn’t love you,
I know it’s not safe.
But when I’m with you,
I feel invincible.
When you look at me and tell me I’m beautiful,
On one of my worst days,
You make my heart warm.
When you hold me I know I will be okay.
When you tell me I can always run to you,
I know you’re not lying.
It makes me wanna be with you so bad,
But I know I can’t.
It makes me wanna call you mine,
But I know it wouldn’t just be me.
It makes me wanna believe you’re different,
But how am I to know I’m not blinded by love…
I wanna tell you so bad that I love you,
But I’m afraid...
Afraid I will be taken for granted…
You tell me I’m okay,
You tell me you won’t let anything happen to me.
And that makes me fall faster...
I don’t wanna fall on my face,
Knowing your holding her…

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