Be Mommy

February 24, 2012
Day by day you’re calling me names.
They vary from My baby girl,
To the biggest mistake of your life.
I can’t deny you when you say you’re a bad mother.
Cause at times you can be.
You’re mentally abusive,
And when you get defensive,
Physically abusive you can be too.
I’m not saying I’m any better,
Cause trust me I’m far from perfect.
But I couldn’t ever in a million years see myself doing what you do best.
The one thing you say you truly have in this world,
And you’re driving it away.
It may be my fault, and it may not be.
But I’m done blaming myself.
I’m done saying it’s my fault you drink.
Cause I know that’s not true.
I know it hurt when they said to put a blanket over it.
But now I guess I see where they were coming from.
It’s hard to say it was better in Denver..
But it’s true.
You weren’t drinking then,
You and I,
We were both mentally sane.
And Sissy didn’t get the butt end of the deal.
Please stop living in the past,
Its tomorrow that counts,
And that’s something you taught me.
Sometimes I wish I could say I want my mommy,
But I know I can’t,
Cause that aint no mommy at all…

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