She Smiled

February 24, 2012
By FinallyAwakend BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
FinallyAwakend BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
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She smiled,
A slight upward turn of her lips,
And her beauty intensified
He stared,
Obviously shell-shocked,
Without her knowledge
He could tell from her eyes
That she was in deep thought,
Entranced in an internal monologue
She spun around suddenly
And startled him
Though she didn’t know
He watched
As she bent at the waist
To pick up a silky black cat
And brought it to her chest
So it could nuzzle its head in her throat
And he settled back down
And tried not to make a sound
She slid the cat onto her bed with a hug
And pealed her shirt over her head
Revealing milky white skin
And he drew in a breath
Though nearly silent
She heard
And turned to face him
With her shirt clutched tight
To her chest
He would’ve ran
But she held him to
He door frame
With her eyes
And she smiled,
A slight upward turn of her lips
And her beauty intensified

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