March 1, 2012
I need a break.
A cut in the string.
A cut in this line.
Of life, evolving around me.
To break free,
Of the chains holding me here.
To leave my home,
What I see as hell.

Short glimpses of a life,
Involving less pain,
Less lies and attitude,
Have come and gone.
To live them again,
I would do anything.
Just to leave this home.
Settled in hell.

Each day seems to bring,
A new way of torture.
Causing me to break down.
Wanting to scream,
Wanting to bleed.
But most of all,
Leave this house of hell.

Screaming at me,
Or simply giving me attitude,
Makes me want to snap,
And lose it in front of you.
But I won't let you see me break.
Won't let you see,
How I'm affected by living,
In this house of hell.

You don't see the recent scars,
Or the hurt and anger,
That fills my eyes.
Still you can't see it,
When the blackened tears,
Slide down my face,
From residing,
In a house of hell.

It seems like torture,
To stay here,
Which is why,
I never want to be home,
And seclude myself,
When I have to be,
In what feels to me,
Like hell.

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