Our Wars

February 29, 2012
I know the name,
I’ve played the game,
I show no shame,
I am not to blame.

I think I’m going to faint,
Anger built up behind my restraint,
From the words I hear I see complaint,
It is of the eyes and ears that I have taint.

You think you rule but I take your reign,
I’m king of this forest with my lion’s mane,
War of the racial world makes me insane,
All this hatred and death is so vane.

Don’t hate because what I say is true,
Don’t’ hate because I know what I should do,
The war we’re fighting is anything but new,
The lost ones look at us with lips so blue.

We have all lost loved ones at one time or another,
It’s so hard when it’s a sister or brother,
Though I’ve known wars that take mothers,
All this pain we feel is because of skin color.

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