The Abyss

February 27, 2012
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The abyss of my love for you
is many different colours
From the darkest black to lightest blue
Every colour had a meaning that says a thing or two
Red for my passion and urge and will for you
I'm so tightly wrapped around your finger
Is it turning blue?
The blue is understanding
I feel understood by you
Your immense caring and loving touch too
Then to orange where joy lies true
You make me so happy, you make me love you
It then turns to gold, I see this as quality
Of our strange situation and future too
I hope we will be one in a monumental relationship and I'll be everything to you
Aqua for the safeness when I'm alone with you, like nothing can stop us, like our love really is true
It turns green when I'm jealous, I get really jealous when you
Talk and laugh with other guys, we both know it's true
The black, although sounding bleak is for the mystery and wonder of what lies ahead
A line of depthful events with in between success maybe 'til the end
I leave you now with yellow as I'm running out of page
I used to be somebody but now I'm someone else
I've changed, changed my ways, for and because of you
for the better for a bright future with you
Of course we'll have our ups and downs
And I don't know what else
Just know
You'll never know how much I love you
How you saved me
How deep the abyss is...

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