Inside My Mind

February 27, 2012
Dark voices, yet happy thoughts. My mind holds things you could never handle or understand. I see into people, I see into science. Things I see, my mind deciphers.
I have my own theory for life. I have my own theory for love. I have my own theory on gay rights.
My mind always looks in the past. It sees evil, but doesn't call it evil. It calls it ignorant. But what does the past know that we don't.
You can't limit the mind from learning. You can't limit heart from loving. So why keep people ignorant. Why keep people alone.
We will all see in time. Let's just hope our daughters/sons and their daughter/sons and so forth get a life we once got to live, before it all ends.
And if not-the dark, the light, the laughs of joy, the tears of remorse, no matter how absurd it is to you-then nobody will get to see inside my mind.
And the wonders of my life behind it.

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