February 27, 2012
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We are all glaciers
Stranded in freezing waters
showing only a fraction of who we really are

The rest of us hides
underneath the surface
we hide out of exhaustion
Know one knows us until the Titanic hits

We all know that underneath every “I’m just tired”
is more than just wanting closed eyes
it’s more than wanting the warmth of a blanket
and the comfort of dreams

We’re tired of expecting rain even when we know there’s a drought
we’re tired of wishing on stars
when we know that that star is a million miles away
and by the time we make a wish
that star has exploded
We’re tired of hoping for fairy tales
when we know they’re just fiction

I’m tired
I’m tired of broken pinky promises that was once a treaty
I’m tired of wanting to fly
when I know I’m afraid of heights
I’m tired of writing ballads for girls
about their spiritual perfection
when they fall for the guys who say
roses are red violets are blue
open your legs so I can f*** you

But In the end I know that what tires us the most
is being tired.

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