Almost Drowning

February 26, 2012
By Anonymous

I am drowning
So close to the surface
But I just cant make it
No one wants to save me
Because no one knows
They are all too afraid
To afraid to see that I need help
The don’t see me because
they don’t know me
No one does
But that
Doesn’t mater anymore
Nothing does
Because I’m just floating away
Further and further away from the shore
But down
below the wakes
and ferocious, tumbling waves...
It’s quite peaceful
Where no one bothers you about silly things
And no one is there to judge you
But I would like it...
To be saved
Just once
Maybe if they knew why I was swimming in the first place
They would feel like saving me
And maybe
just maybe
Someone would care as soon as I drowned
As soon as I just fell under and stopped trying
Either way
No one would notice
If I just kept fighting or if I just
Stopped trying
And let the current take me

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