I Once Knew A Girl

February 26, 2012
By xxSiennaSarcasm SILVER, Thomasville, Pennsylvania
xxSiennaSarcasm SILVER, Thomasville, Pennsylvania
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"We loved with a love that was more than love"~Edgar Allan Poe

I once knew a girl who

played with Barbies,
her favorite color was pink.
She loved eating chicken and peaches,
and was afraid of the dark.
She was outgoing,
and wanted to be a fashion designer,
or Lady Gaga’s back-up dancer.
She loved math class,
and cats,
never wore jeans, always stretchy pants,
and devoured chocolate ice cream with sprinkles,
and always listened to Hannah Montana.
She went to sleep at 8pm on weekends,
and drenched her nails in purple polish,
She danced in the style of ballet,
and loved to swim.


she plays Nintendo DSi Pokémon games,
her favorite color is dark red,
she loves eating Nutella and Ramen noodles,
and is somewhat afraid of Michael Myers.
She is very shy,
and wants to be a tattoo artist,
or a special effects make up artist.
She dislikes math[due to the heavy confusion],
and is practically obsessed with squirrels.
She almost always wears skinny jeans
and scarfs down completely plain vanilla frozen yogurt,
and enjoys listening to Marilyn Manson.
She doesn’t end her night until 3am,
and only paints her nails black,
and loves to tap dance,
and hates swimsuits, the beach, and anything to do with swimming.

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