February 26, 2012
By Anonymous

I was losing everything
Everything that I had worked my fingers to the bone to keep
I was in way too deep
And what did you?
Absolutely nothing
You watched to see how it would play out
Looking at me living in pure agony
You watched me suffer through having everything crumble around me
You saw me at my weakest points
You didn’t help me
You didn’t extend a helping hand
You were too worried about yourself
And now that all the pain is done
You can finally see my true potential
You see what I have to offer
You want me
You want me in your life again just so you can brag
You want me because everything is better now
I know where you true motives lie
I’m not naive
I now know what I didn’t before
And I’m ready
I won’t let you do what you do best
I won’t let you destroy everything again

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