Alcoholic Druggie Alice

February 16, 2012
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Alice fell down the rabbit hole into oblivion.
She wandered a forbidden forest.
The child challenged a psychotic queen.
She drank vodka and popped pills to keep her alive.

The caterpillar was high as a kite.
The hatter spiked the tea.
That insane cat pushed her over the edge.
“Off with her head!” echoed through her mind.

Eyes watch her every move.
They watch her screw herself over.
Laughter fills the land.
Alice breaks under the stress of survival.

Pill after pill. Shot after shot.
Alice buries her sorrow.
The queen calls for the cat.
The cat calls for the rabbit.

Nothing is as it seems.
Alice has fallen into the reapers hands,
The tree limbs come to life.
They claw at her, aching to devour her flesh.

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