Eaten Away By Expectations

February 15, 2012
I’m mute as a mime
As I’m trapped by these wavering walls
Of expectations piled as high as the sky
I’m afraid that one day they’ll all come crumbling down
And suffocate me underneath them all.
As they precariously sway side to side
I wonder if it’s possible
To escape from these impenetrable walls
I beat my fists against them till my knuckles run red
With blood as thick as the tears that flow down my face
Screaming at the heavens till my voice abandons me
With nothing left in my lungs except a bare whisper
Which has only left me lonelier than ever
Surrounded only by my worst fears
That eats away at the core of my very being
How long must I suffer from this solitary confinement
With fear as my only company

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