Pretty Girls

February 15, 2012
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There is a girl who has the prettiest features
She’s got her head in the clouds and an organ on her sweater
She has come to realize what the date on the calendar is
And she is smart enough to know what this means

So she takes one look and falls too short of what could have been
She falls head first and raises her heels to the sky
She takes off her sweater and gives it to him
Because she doesn’t know that he’s really an awful guy

There is a lovely girl living down the street from me
Lost everything she had but still has her dreams
She’s come to realize what kind of a sucker she is
Because once upon a time, she thought he was her prince

Now, she takes one look at herself and frowns, frowns at her face
She’s got a bruise but who’s it from? He’s left no trace
So she puts on her makeup and hides with a smile
Because she thought he was a nice guy for a while

Now I’m a simple girl who has a simple mind,
And knows well enough not to fall for your kind
I can ignore your smile and rise above your lies,
I will let go of your hand and look away from your eyes.

When she realizes what a fool she’s been,
She’ll come to me and tell me how you played her like a toy,
Because no good girl deserves this kind of treatment,
They all deserve to feel joy.

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