The Hourglass

February 15, 2012
By MaddyBella BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
MaddyBella BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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My thoughts, like dust particles, fly around my brain; clouding my inner vision.

Always rushing, racing, fighting an endless battle against the ever merciless clock.

My ambitions and worries are in a constant struggle with each other, with myself, with time.

It’s a constant, frantic chase for fulfillment. We search for justification of our existence.

Grasping at empty promises, ill-fulfilling pleasures, self-generated compromises.
Until we have fallen so low, and strayed so far, that our given allotment of time ends up being spent in a fruitless search for more. We are eternally unsatisfied.

Time is cruel. Its power paralyzes us; we are afraid of it.

…..Hush thoughts, I’m trying to sleep.

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