February 15, 2012
By alex anderson BRONZE, Waverly, Nebraska
alex anderson BRONZE, Waverly, Nebraska
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Farmers are digging up trees
to maximize acres of crops
because in the last 3 months
the price or corn,bean,and wheat have dropped in price
So all of fall and winter farmers are forced to take out trees and shrubs
that are cutting down on potential profit.
But by doing this trees are being cut down in large numbers
which causes wind to hit fields and carry dirt off the land
We could be looking at another dust bowl
better management of land could keep farmers from cutting down the wind blocks.
The wildlife could be effected by this action
and numbers of population could be drastically decreased.
If farmers use a higher yield grade of seed they will get more for there money
and this problem will never of happened.
So maybe farmers need to do a little more thinking before they dig up those trees
that are creating a wind block.

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