What Heaven Looks Like

February 12, 2012
By CupcakeQueen18 GOLD, Seminole, Florida
CupcakeQueen18 GOLD, Seminole, Florida
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I stand there in the desert, alone.
My only companion is my shadow.
The blazing sun scorches the sand all around me.
In the distance, birds are singing.
The warm, dry wind silently brushes against my skin.
Suddenly, the birds stop chirping as the sun slowly dims and fades into The hazy sky.
A dark cloud stealthily rises from the ground.
Particles of sand fly past me like bullets.
It quickly covers everything like a tsunami wave,
Washing over anything in its path.
All of a sudden the wind stops and the dust begins to settle.
I look up and think to myself, “Is this what Heaven looks like?”

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