It's What I Am When I'm Angry

February 12, 2012
Yells, Screams, Echoes
That's all I hear.
The star studded life of mine:
In shambles.
The girl in my dreams,
Wrecked beyond repair
How exactly had I come to this?
How exactly had I led my life to its demise?
Scarred, Beaten, Bruised
That's all I feel.
Thats all I'll ever feel now.
It's quite the predicament, I suppose.
But what to do?
What to do?
When there is nothing else for me?
Smoke, Blood, Acid
All I taste,
All I smell,
All I'll ever be entitled to.
How fabulous!
Black, Black, Black
It's what I see.
Thats it.
Thats is my life.
My poseur life.
It's what I'll get.

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