In My Dreams

February 12, 2012
By , Pakkred, Thailand
This is what I love about you:

Your single-dimpled smile,
Rare in the morning,
Especially when you smile at me--
And my face warms up
Like the sun is shining above us
As we lay in the grass talking
In my dreams.

The way the shade of your hair stands out
Among black, brown, and blonde--
The color of the rustic brick road
Where we danced in the rain,
Our Converses soaking wet
In my dreams.

Your thick-rimmed glasses
That I wish you'd wear more often,
So I can see a glimpse of the nerd
Deep down inside--
I see you wearing skinny jeans
And taking polaroids of colorful lights
In my dreams.

The way you talk in class,
Giving the teacher a hard time
Just because you can--
How sunny the world becomes
When you crack intelligent jokes with me
In my dreams.

But then your chair scrape the floor
Throwing me back to reality
A place where you barely know me
And I know you just as much
But still I keep searching
For the one that I see
...In my dreams.

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