Past, Present, Future Lie

February 12, 2012
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Like a book already read,
The past is a memory already dead,
A harmony which is forever fled,
An expectation already past,
A love so sweet it would never last,
Saddened by tears already cried,
A message afore lied,
The past- a wound always healing,
And a simple memory of what’s already been,
A time remembered time and time again.

Each day- another- onward cast,
A time which will soon be simply the past,
A time to change, and grow, and love,
Yet a time which will always lie above,
The simple gift we are all given,
A love which desires to be driven,
The present is time of inspiration to better,
One should write it like it’s their last letter.

The future is like an unrisin sun,
Or a wide sea of what’s to be,
Stretching forever into infinity,
It is a time to look forward to and hope,
And to wonder what will be new,
It is a love not yet held,
A word not yet spoke,
An un-laughed, untold joke,
And sleeping sun to soon be to be awoke.

Past, Present, Future lie,
With the one who lives like they’re soon to die.
Smile, love, never hate,
For soon we all await our fate.
Because time is just a measure of the happiness of our life
Past, Present, Future.

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