My Generation

February 12, 2012
Good friends are rare it just isn’t fair
Secrets are confided only to become juicy gossip
They promise they swear just so you’ll dare
But their fingers were crossed so now that secret you lost.
Friends come and go just as quick as “hello”
Be sure to know: they won’t leave without making a show
Betrayal is easy; they just want to make you seem sleazy
They spread rumors, humiliate, and hit you low.

Gentlemen scarcely exist, by one I have never been kissed
Today’s men know no respect, all they show is neglect
They crave perfection which they far are from
They leave you feeling wrecked, yet a sandwich they still expect.
While you’re home, he’s out with his friends taking it to the dome
One is never enough, for many women they roam.

Ladies too are only a few, if men can be pigs, women can too
Morals are all but forgotten, they don’t care if their actions are rotten
Just say those three magic words and their legs fly open like birds
They smoke murderous cigarettes and they drink rum ‘till numb they become.
Make-up is worn in excess to hide their true mess
Clothing as tight as it gets and as baring it lets.

They all think their cool for acting a fool
But the scary part is others do too…

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