Please Dont Leave Daddy

February 29, 2012
By Searchingheart PLATINUM, Farminton, Arkansas
Searchingheart PLATINUM, Farminton, Arkansas
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Late night fades to early dawn,
I hear the sound of your alarm,
The sound lets me know you haven't left us.
We go about our day,
You and mommy fight.
I fall asleep crying.
Daddy please don't leave.

Morning comes again,
But today your alarm doesn't ring.
I know this time your leaving,
Daddy take me with you.
Your suitcase sits by the door,
Your car engine already running.
I know your about to leave,
Your walking out on mommy and me.
I wrap my tiny fingers,
Tightly around you hand.
"Daddy please don't leave!"
I cry.
You smile and peel me off,
then walk out the door.
I watch you drive away,
Never looking back.
I sit by the window and cry,
Hoping you'll come back.
Daddy please Don't leave I cried,
Now your never coming back.

The author's comments:
This is about a little girl who wakes up every morning to the sound of her daddy's alarm. It lets her know he's still their. One day her parents have a big fight, and the next morning her dads alarm doesn't go off. She gets up to see why and she sees her daddy leaving. He hugs her goodbye as she begs him to stay, then he drives away and never comes back.

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