Who I am

February 28, 2012
By Loudest_Louder BRONZE, St.Peters, Missouri
Loudest_Louder BRONZE, St.Peters, Missouri
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I am a teenager,
big, tall and grown up too fast.
Raised on the backyard swing set

with my own imagination.
My youth running away too soon.

I am an athlete,
training is the only life I know.
Persistence is my life motto.
Try and try again—
ready to win.

I am an individual,
trapped in a world of groups.
Done trying to fit in.
Going to live my own life,
shining through the shadows left by others.

I am the scout,
trained to live alone
through lifelong lessons
that will never
be forgotten.

I am a teenager, an athlete, an individual, and a scout,

a hopeful soul wandering this world,
hoping for the right opportunity to grasp.
Wanting to be accepted as a new personality,

not some quiet kid in the corner.
This is who I have come to be.

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