Together Forever

February 28, 2012
By SHoekstra BRONZE, Saint Paul, Minnesota
SHoekstra BRONZE, Saint Paul, Minnesota
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A team is not just a team,
it is a family.
A team is not just a group of people,
it is one.
A team is something everyone can be a part of,
it gives an individual strength and hope.
A team is not quiet,
it is louder than thunder.
A team does not keep secrets,
it is more than honest.
A team is not selfish;
it wins no matter who scores.
A team lets the players be themselves;
it is an escape from the real world.
A team is full of laughter;
it puts that warm smile on every player’s face.
A team respects the National Anthem,
it uses good sportsmanship.
A team does not push down opponents,
it helps them up.
A team is not just individuals brought together,
it gathers at the net.
A team is friends by coincidence,
it is siblings by choice.
A team shares many jokes,
it shares many adventures.
A team goes through thin,
it also goes through thick.
A team sticks together through heartbreak,
it sticks together through victory.
A team is people who are always there for comfort,
it doesn't matter the circumstances.
A team is not just a team,
it is a family.

The author's comments:
This is a poem I wrote based on my experiences with great teammates.

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