Somewhere Between Night and Day

February 28, 2012
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Soft green steps
lead me into the darkness.
I search around basement corners
until I spot two specks of light,
like hanging lanterns,
guiding me
to James’s room.
It is always dusk here.
Electronics hum like crickets,
and only pale light
escapes the two curtained windows.
Beneath an invisible ceiling
concealed by posters,
I leap onto his grey bed.
He comes over to me
and puts a game on the tiny TV
so that I can play.
We always play video games
It is one of James’s favorite things,
so it is one of my favorite things, too.
He slips back to his computer
and warns me not to look,
his game is too scary for me to see.
He protects me—
like always—
my big brother hen
keeping me safe and warm
somewhere between night and day.

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