Lying In The Gutter

February 28, 2012
By Seedeez BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
Seedeez BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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Lying in the gutter
I lie in the gutter
With my brothers and sisters
Of many different colors
We have no mother

I’m always getting picked up
By 100ft people
Thrown across the floor boards

The people are oddly shaped
They have eyes, and a mouth
They even have something called a nose
They even wear strange things called clothes

I look over and see a fire
One boy goes and blows it out
People screaming happy birthday

One human then comes up to me
It shoved his fingers in my eyes and mouth
Am I going to fly?
Or just die?

I hear the air screaming as I get sucked in a pipe
And get driven home
As the pattern continues I don’t grow old
And when the journey goes on I hope for new adventures
To unfold

The author's comments:
I hope people will think as they read this, and think of who or what the speaker is.

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