The Best Christmas Present

February 28, 2012
By Raegan BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
Raegan BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
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I woke up Christmas morning
as enthusiastic as I could be.
Running to the living room
in my long-sleeved,
pink polka-dotted pajamas,
my eyes jutted outside
to the pure, white snow
drifting down from the sky.

my eyes wandered over
to the Christmas tree.
There sat
one small, ivory tied,
silver box
on the floor.
It was just for me.

My feet brushed against the carpet
as I hesitantly moved
over to the box.
My hand extended to the silver box,
as I tugged on the ivory ribbon
and removed the lid.
Inside the box
was one note.
“Go to the stables for your present.”

I sprung up ecstatically,
and without hesitation—
sprinted outside to the barn.
The cold, white snow
surrounded my feet whenI ran.
My heart raced,
as I slid open the door to the stables.

There it was.
The perfect present
that every five-year-old could want—
a pony.
I saw this perfect creature
With a tan coat,
a blonde mane,
and big, brown eyes
that anyone could melt in.
We were instantly one.

I felt the connection,
as I stroked her forelock.
We were—from that moment—
impossibly inseparable.
I got close to her ear
and whispered—
“We will always be together, forever— always.”

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