I Have No Home

February 28, 2012
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Blistering rage,
In and out and all
Self consuming and obliterating;
I’m obscured by this hate!
All around my mind,
I see no one,
Hear no one,
Know no one. Everything is
Black and dead.

I see the filth of my birth:
Unholy and bastardized,
My mother makes me wish
I’d never been born;
She put me here!

The blood surges thick like volcanic scum
Searing my veins.
My stomach is a pit
Of fury and spite,
Of hate and betrayal;
How do I sleep?

No one sees the pain,
No one sees the tears,
Everyone sees whiskers and pure
Zeal mixed with a deadly curiosity.
I lay awake in a stranger’s bed,
Not my home,
I don’t have one anymore.

My heart blisters from rage.
I won’t let this feeling go,
It’s too strong.
While molten tears race down my
I slowly try to rip out every last hair
On my head.
I have no home.

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