What I Would Do When the Sun Went Down

February 29, 2012
A crooked smile,
Hangs across his face.

I edge away.
He closes the gap.

I wonder what it would take.
To leave.

More than I can handle.
Most likely.

I could pray for guidance.
But I won't.
Why should I?
It's counter-productive.

I look over his shoulder.
People ignoring the man
(And lady.)
in the alley-way.


I bet.
If I call out for help.
No one will come.

I've heard that yelling.
It works.

But he has a gun.
Poised and ready.

But I'm not.

Will I die?
The thought makes me

But acceptance comes.

My life was short.
But happy.
(I guess.)

They'll find me.
In the alley.


The killer would
be found.

Oh well.


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