That Girl

February 29, 2012
Forever feeling her life is dying
But the doctors keep on lying.
“Your daughter will be fine,
Just give her some time.”

But she wasn’t okay
Because your baby girl took her life today.
She couldn’t keep running
And she wouldn’t stand living.

Her silent plea’s for love
Left her heart on black doves.
“I’m in pain”
Her innocence cut, her pride slain.

Her cries fell on deaf ears
So no one realized her fears.
No one saw her fatal change
Until her heart was out of range.

She wrote out letters
Saying her life would be better.
She laid the pistol on her heart
And blew her body apart.

Her parents cry themselves to sleep
And all her friends weep.
They loved that girl well
And left her alone in Hell.

Maybe her soul can be free
And everyone will see
The lost life of one teen
And the love there could have been.

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