February 19, 2012
By williamsannette096 SILVER, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
williamsannette096 SILVER, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
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"Mistakes are a factor of life. It is the response to the error that counts." Nikki Giovanni
"There is not greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou

Cut so many times, your scars, now permanent.
Laughed so many times
Creases surround your lips,
Crying every night
Tears fill your permanent glossy eyes.
Emotionally abused so often
Those bruises of yours will scar your life.
But you’re not scarred
It is only your skin that is permanently marked showing the strength you have within,
What don’t kill you only makes you stronger, right?
Well if that’s the case
We are all body builders.
Her heart is crying
Her eyes are screaming!
But she knows she’ll just have to keep on believing.
Show everyone those permanent scars of yours will not make deceiving.
Seems as though they want you gone
But you tell them that no matter how hard they try
You are not leaving!
Tell them that you are here to stay, you are permanently placed,
Just as all of the cuts and bruises they have permanently placed, upon you.
Then again
Isn’t permanent life asking for permanent strife?
And permanent worries, permanent lies, permanent fears and permanent cries.
Permanent trying all adds up to the permanent internal dying, internal hurt that you cover so well with that smile of yours so you just keep on shinning.
Your non-existing faith is written across your face
They know it
You struggle finding your happiness and decided that you will sit and permanently wait.
You will wait for someone to bring it to you,
But this world is based on taking
There’s no room to distribute.

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