Death Out Of Hate

February 19, 2012
By Keyana77134 BRONZE, Lodi, Wisconsin
Keyana77134 BRONZE, Lodi, Wisconsin
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"The best way to protect your heart is to pretend you don't have one."<3

Afraid to love,Afraid to fall.
Afraid to cry,Afraid to lose it all.
Her insecuritys eat her from the inside out.
This helpless girl can barely let out a shout.
She's barely sleeping,she's crying.
She feels like she's dying.
She's got nowhere to turn to.
This road keeps going.
She's running,she's running.
The real her is showing.
She's running from her problems,
That's all she's ever known.
She drops to her knees,
From all the thoughts,her mind is blown.
"I hate you!" she crys.
She let's it all out.
"Where are you now dad?!"
Her whipsers soon turn into shouts.
"You left us"
Her eyes flood.
"Look what you did dad!"
She looks down,covered in blood.
A knife,that's what fell from her hands.
Soon enough,in the ER is where she lands.
"You did this to me dad,its all your fault"
"How do you like me now dad?"
Tears sprinkle in her eyes like salt.
She looks over, "whoa,look at the light"
"Hey mommy,don't cry,the man in white said it'll be all right."
Mommy cries,there's no man there.
"I'll see you again soon mom,I pinkyswear."

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