take back the calendar

February 19, 2012
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How do I take back the calendar

full of mistakes tip-toeing eerily back at me?

How do I unsay those words

which had stabbed you down so violently?

How do I un-breath those sounds

and play it all back

and somehow delete it?

How do I make it not happen?

How do I erase those memories

like shredding a paper to morsels

or rip off that day

or rewind that hour

where all prospects slipped from my palms

and everything crashed to the ground

and shattered to pieces

How do I make you forgive me

If I can’t take back the calendar?

So now how can you still not forgive me

and tell me it doesn’t matter to you

or that you think it’s over

while every second

guilt carves into my heart of feathers

and I’m cringing and wishing

that somehow I can’t un-dent the silver

or sweep up the glass

and put back the pieces

and take back the calendar.

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