I Care

February 19, 2012
Who cares if I pig out sometimes
Or make one bad grade
Tell an itsy bitsy lie
Or leave my bed unmade
Forget NOT to beg
Abandon something valuable
Accidentally break an egg
Remember a certain something
From a long time ago
Who cares if I mess around
Get into a little bit of trouble
Or if I'm baned
From a playground
Or if my pop-tart starts to crumble
Who cares if I'm five minutes late
Maybe even twenty
If I don't make to home base
There are always plenty
Plenty of times that I mess up
Forget to bow my head
Or to raise my cup
Because sometimes I
Just don't understand
Who cares if I smoke
If I do drugs
Ditch one day of school
Or if I
Pull out the plug
Well I well tell you
My "biggest secret"
I care
I care for a lot of these things
Even for people I don't like
They don't have
To care back
I still deep down
Hope that they might
I care if I make a mistake
Months later still try
To make it right
There I laid
It out for you
My "biggest secret"
I said it aloud
You don't have
To keep it
I am myself
I'm not a copy of you
Or anyone else
Now there you go
That was my show
Move along
Back to your daily song
That you sing every day
But remember these words
That you aren't a clone
An original classic
That is all your own

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