Best Friend

February 19, 2012
I can’t get through to you, I don’t know how
And all of the emotions they hold back are bringing me down
I need you right now; I need someone to talk to
Not someone just to listen, but someone that will listen too
Comfort me
I have no pillow to hold
And my teddy bear is so suffocated right now it’s just getting too old
Where is my blanky; I am getting too cold
T he heat flashes of mine don’t last very long
Where is my best friend?
Are you here to listen to me speaking?
I have too much on my shoulders right now, I can’t hold it; I am getting too weak.
Best friend, help me to be strong,
Let me know that everything will turn out to be okay and there will be no more wrong
I know I will have to wait but I have already been waiting for too long
Please come sit with me I’m feeling all alone
If I would’ve had my best friend it would’ve helped all along
I’m not saying it’s your fault, you have done nothing wrong
I am just hoping you can help me with the lyrics to my song
Help me build these bricks of life’s mercy
Because I feel that they have only been thrown with intentions to hurt me –
It worked.
I need help sorting these thoughts in my mind
I am so done with sitting crying, so sick of steady trying, I’m emotionally dying
Pushing hard to fight back but this life just isn’t buying
I really need my best friend.
I want the whole thing about a friendship that will never end, and do everything together.
Only being true and loyal to one another no need to pretend
We’ve been apart from each other for such a long time,
But that doesn’t mean that you’ve never crossed my mind.
Searching to find someone to be close to, hold on to –
When to sun goes cold and the lies are told, I need someone to help me breath sometimes
Because I’m just not that bold when I am pushed away with ugly looks and sharp scolds
Come on best friend can’t you see that I am hurting?
Can’t you see that I’m just lost in this dry life of being unworthy?
You say I’m depressed but I say I’m just stressed.
To prove everyone wrong no more will I confess!
I’m not here to please them though I’m here to live life.
I really need your help to sew this tear in it by that sharp bladed knife.
Best friend?
Where are you?
I’ve been speaking can you hear me?
I’m very lonely.
My emotions and tears are the only things near me.
You always comfort me so well, but hey we’re best friends.
You hear me out all of the time, wipe away my crying.
You build my strength when I want to give up trying.
I know you’ll be here forever.
I love you ‘til the end.
They very day that we meet,
I will call you my best friend.

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