Moon Knowlege

February 19, 2012
I didn't know
That rain slicked night
Had any lasts in place for me.
But the moon knew
The moon always knows.

Head down,
Hands in pockets:
I walked as though to ward off the world.
I always walked like that.
It made it easier to become the girl
I thought
Nobody saw.

My Chuck Taylor's
Black jeans
And sweatshirt the color of grass at midnight
Didn't mind the 2 am weather
And neither did I.

I felt the rain
Like I always did on nights like this
Hood down,
Letting the rain find it's own path
Through my ocean of hair.

A lonely figure
A statue in the rain
I let it over take me
Embrace me
My solace within a world to which
I had no map.
No game plan.
I had never felt so alive.

The night colored SUV
Didn't bother stopping on the corner
With the graffiti-ed stop sign
And the crooked telephone phone.

Erect in the center of the street,
The center of the world,
I never saw the car approach.

Dead long before I was rolled under the car.
Dead long before I was left to wither on the
Unforgiving pavement.
My soul had been long gone
But now, all that remained
was my destroyed shell of a body
Left to soak up the rain
One last time.

But the moon didn't care
About one broken girl
Trudging down a tattered street
In a desolate town
On a shattered world.
The moon knew it was an accident
But not everyone believed that.

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