Me, Myself, and Allies

February 25, 2012
I hide amongst my thoughts, only appearing when I have nothing on my mind.
My thoughts hide the secrets of my inner self, keeping my inner self safe from my enemies.
Through my eyes, I see nothing but regular people. In my mind's eye, I see ignorant humans, my enemies.
I keep my inner self hidden from my enemies, because they will only try to use and/or destroy my inner self.
But there are a few who've proven that they're worth knowing my inner self, those who are like no other.
Those are the ones who know even a bit of my inner self; those are the ones I call my allies.
So, my enemies will never understand my inner self; and because of that, they can never defeat me.
Plus, thanks to my allies, my inner self will never be alone, because the memories of my allies will be with him in my thoughts.

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