Why not a kiss?

February 25, 2012
As I sit here and look at the stars,
I am reminded of who we are, lovers with some star crossed is what I see,
but a straight away is ment to be, for as I think of you and me,
I also think that of the sea, splashing and blue,
so calm and tranquil,
I think of that to get my fill
of this drug called love,
I take it every day,
and even then
I think to my dismay,
that tranquillity is good
from time to time,
but for chaos to rein
is where I reside,
and occasionally I look up
from my throne of madness
and find you standing there
full of sadness,
then as the scales even,
with the tranquility and chaos,
I am at peace,
knowing we are not loveless,
for we have eachother,
the opposite times make the perfect mix,
they balance the scales,
that some others would miss,
the Egyptians believed that morality was based like this,
so why not love,
why not a kiss?

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