Love Cries

February 23, 2012
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Love takes time
It comes from your heart, not your mind,
taking years for some to find,
it is patient, it is kind.
Love is a thing most people dream about,
if you have true love you do not worry or doubt.
People spend their whole life trying to find out what love means,
you are another person's rock on which they lean.
But people take love for granted, letting it slip out of their hands
And into someone else's is where it lands.
The hurt and the pain is what they gain,
All because people think love is a game.
Crying and weeping is all they hear,
Wondering if the end is anywhere near.
The word love is tossed around like a football in the field.
But when you hold it close a treasure it will yield.
Love takes time,
It comes from your heart, not your mind,
Although it may be hard to find,
It is the greatest of all time

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