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February 23, 2012
By , Orono, MN
Finding A point, searching for point B.
But there's also C. And they're unlabeled.
You just have to choose based on your steps, actions.

One step to the right, you think it feels right.
Then it feels wrong. Immoral. Unjust.
Everything contradicts what sanity has hammered into your brain.
Nothing follows science, religion, or nature.
If help was requested, it would not be given.
The system is corrupt.
You soon C that you have made a bad decision.
It's the darkest dark.
The choice is apparent.
You see horrible acts committed by fellow travelers.
Chagrin, chagrin, chagrin.
You retrace not the one step, but five (to be safe).

You then take the middle. Compromise, right?
Except, something's a little messed up.
Sure, it's not bad, but it's not good either.
Everyone does what they should, and they continue on. No help.
Everyone is in it for themselves.
No help is asked, and none is given.
The system is corrupt.
It's hard to B alright or upset when stuck in the middle.
It's an energy-sucking gray.
It's obvious.
No consideration, just continuation.
Step, step, step.
This time, you hurry back well beyond your origin.

Finally, you have found it.
Friendly citizens meander down the path.
People are caring, generous, and understanding.
It seems an ideal society.
No help is need, but plenty is given.
Too much help? Too good?
The system is corrupt.
The perfect scenario is A balance.
It's an obnoxiously blinding light.
So clear it's indiscernible.
Everything is so good, there's telling what's good.
Yes, yes, yes.
So you sprint back to the intersection and wait.

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