What is Perfection?

February 23, 2012
what is perfection?
is it straightened hair
or cheap perfume?
is it the perfect clothes
or a tidy room?
because that is what you make it.
you make perfection smiles
and lies.
and perfect aimless tries.
you make it straight a student
and uptight knot,
that i never learned how to untie.
you make perfection only an image
a first impression
an impossible vision.
you make it everything they want you
to be.
they make it you
you make it look easy.
so might i ask, a simple question,
oh miss perfection,
miss spotless image?
what is perfection,
because I've heard you cry at night,
about how your hair wasn't straightened right.
about how your mascara smudged on one eye,
i have heard you cry, because your perfection,
wasn't right.

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