Inner Child

February 23, 2012
There is a certain sweetness

To childhood memories;

Brought back from dusty corners

Of an over crowded mind.

Swept into view,

Of glistening eyes,

By darling pictures taken so long ago.

Don’t hold the tears back.

That small one you see,

Grinning so dearly up from the frame,

Is not as far off as you may believe.

Deep inside yourself,

Is the lovely child.

Deep inside yourself,

Is the sweet soul.

Do not lose hope.

Do not lose faith.

Do not lose grace.

You are who you always have been.

Let yourself gleam,

Let your inner self shine through.

Through darkness.

Through danger.

Through moments of self doubt

And utter peril.

Look within,

See your soul;

See the beaming self you were.

Be the beaming self you are.

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