The Ugly Side

February 23, 2012
Firing squad marches to battle.
Battle the multiplying foe.
As long as there are people,
There will be madness.
Rob, maim, rape, murder;
Breaching mind’s walls,
Corrupting the center.
Causing agony to others,
Pain to themselves.
The sickness begins to spread;
Greed, passion for what is not their own.
Call the crazies,
Call them nuts,
But you’ll find a part of yourself
Is a replica of their turmoil.
Greedy, mean,
Gasp at your own corruption.
Try to beat it,
To coax it,
To drag it away.
Its chained to you,
Chained to your heart.
We’re human, imperfect;
Individual duplicates.
The sickness races,
Traveling on wires;
Thought to thought,
Moment to moment.
Never pausing.
Breath to breath.

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