No Rose-Colored Glasses

February 23, 2012
By havecouragetocontinue DIAMOND, Los Alamos, New Mexico
havecouragetocontinue DIAMOND, Los Alamos, New Mexico
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Favorite Quote:
"Success is not final, Failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts."
-Winston Churchill-

I’m not sure

What is what anymore

But I know

This world is not black and white

You cannot tell me what to believe

When you are unsure yourself

You cannot tell me I am wrong

When there is no answer

You cannot tell me who I am

When I do not even know

You cannot tell me what I think

That I know for sure

Everyday I find myself in a new way

I see my soul in a new light

A bright light

Tell me the truths

But do not omit the lies

Show me the pain

As well as the beauty

I will not judge the world with blinders on

I wear rose-colored glasses no more

I see you judge me

When you do not know me

I see you categorize me

Because of my race

My gender

My age

I see the horrors of humanity leering in my face

Blasted over the loud speakers

Are the wrong doings

The mistakes

Our world is judged on Wrong

Not Right

Let us not see just Beauty

Let us not see just Pain

Let us see the situation in front us

Take it in stride

Help those among us

Who have been wronged in the past

Let us hope for the best

Prepare for the worst

And hang by a grace

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